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Let's Work Together!

Let your talents and artistic visions shine!

1. Equipment Provided!


Don't worry about whether or not you have the right gear. The full gear kit is covered for the wedding day, along with drinks and snacks. You just have to show up and be ready to capture some beautiful footage. 

2. Quick Payment!

Day rates are paid on the day of the shoot. No invoicing, waiting, delays, or excuses. You get paid on the day of the wedding either via Venmo, PayPal, or check. 

3. Creative Freedom!

Let your vision shine on the wedding day. Capture what you find beautiful and compelling. This isn't a shot-list style job: you get to use your creative skills to capture compelling content to achieve the end goal of the wedding film. 

Stunning Wedding Cake

Apply Now!

Awesomeness! I look forward to working with you!
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