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Givens/Wilkinson Wedding

Caitlin Givens and RJ Wilkenson tied the knot on November 3, 2018 at Kylan Barn in Delmar, Maryland.

Caitlin + RJ

A First Look

Caitlin and RJ started their wedding day with smiles on their faces. And those smiles never disappeared throughout the day. November 3, 2018 was a stunningly-beautiful day. The bright blue sky and the cool autumn breeze made their picturesque venue truly shine. Caitlin shares laughs and smiles with her bridesmaids while RJ and his groomsmen prepared for what would turn out to be the most perfect of days. After her mother helped her into her dress, Caitlin set out to meet RJ in a scenic, wooded path, where he got to see his beautiful bride for the first time.

Although the wind picked up during the exchange of their vows, causing Caitlin's vail to fly from her head, that didn't stop either of them from sealing their covenant of faith to each other and officially tying the knot. As the sun set on the wedding day, Caitlin and RJ gathered together with their friends and family inside the gorgeous barn to celebrate their union to the upbeat music of DJ Vance Owens.

Wedding Details

Venue: Kylan Barn

Planner: Julie Snowden

Photographer: Katie Horseman

Entertainment: DJVO - Vance Owens

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