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Behind the Camera


Life's too short not to smile! My name is Luke Hastings and I started Video In Progress in 2012 as an excuse to stay behind the camera (and hopefully travel more). And while I don't take myself too seriously, I treat filmmaking with the highest respect for professionalism and care.

I started my life behind the camera at an early age; hijacking the family camcorder to create music videos and school projects. By the time digital became commonplace, my library of recorded VHS tapes rivaled Blockbuster (may they rest in peace). Along the way, I taught myself to be an expert on GlideCam (which is awesome), jib crane operation, studio lighting, green screen, and non-linear editing. I studied Business at Delaware Tech and earned my Bachelor's in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University.


I strive to be as creative as possible when working with people on weddings, creating stories that truly capture the essence of the wedding day, but I mostly like to deliver what my clients really want. I am quick to answer the phone and discuss projects. I like to meet with my clients before filming to ensure that we are on the same page, and I am always looking to improve. I am, a Video In Progress!

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"Behind every great wedding is the great story. It’s a story of two hearts that now beat as one. It’s the story of the unity and commitment you share with one another. It’s a story that you’ll recall when you’re searching for a smile. It’s a story you’ll always wish to remember. And that’s the story I want to help you tell..."

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