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Video In Progress LLC

Who We Are

Mission Statement:

To produce stunning video content using an innovative approach coupled with classic, cinematic filmmaking techniques to tell meaningful stories and create lasting memories. 




Started in 2012, Video In Progress began as a wedding videography business by Lucas “Luke” Hastings. From the beginning, Luke used a unique approach to creating wedding videos that focused heavily on classic filmmaking techniques: creating videos that conveyed a story rather than just highlights. Within a few years, Video In Progress became one of the most sought-after wedding videographers in the area. 


Beginning in 2017, Video In Progress ventured into commercial production, starting with 30 second ad spots and social media plugs. Luke used his network of peers and colleagues to build a reputation amongst local business owners as a reliable and effective commercial content producer. And, over the next several years, Video In Progress expanded into full video marketing services for web and social media distribution. Using the same story-focused approach, Video In Progress has become the go-to producer of value-rich content that conveys messaging and meaning. 


Video In Progress continues to evolve as a company and a content producer, staying on the cutting edge of new techniques, trends, technologies, and practices. Currently, Video In Progress continues to offer story-focused wedding videography, commercial video production, live-streaming services, and video marketing services. Luke continues to pursue every form of continuing education, industry training, and new practices to further expand the offerings and expertise of Video In Progress.

Behind the Camera


I started my life behind the camera at an early age; hijacking the family camcorder to create music videos and school projects. By the time digital became commonplace, my library of recorded VHS tapes rivaled Blockbuster (may they rest in peace). Along the way, I taught myself to be an expert on GlideCam (which is awesome) and then eventually gimbal operation (yay! tech), jib crane operation, studio lighting, green screen, and non-linear editing. I studied Business at Delaware Tech and earned my Bachelor's in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University.


Everyday, I strive to make myself better than the day before. I never pass up an opportunity to learn a new skill, technique, or technology. I push myself to master the technical side of filmmaking and cinematography so that I can place my focus on the creative side of things. But, most importantly, I want to continue to grow and evolve as a filmmaker, an artist, a work-in-progress, or, should I say, a Video In Progress!

Luke Hastings

What We Do

Gear List

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Video In Progress, LLC

10372 Old Furnace Rd.,

Seaford, DE 19973


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