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Emily + Bill

October 5, 2019

It's rare that you see the kind of love that Emily and Bill have for each other. And on the day of their wedding, it was clear that the love they share would be front and center!

First Look Trailer:

You'll never see Emily or Bill without a smile on their face. They're two of the happiest people you will ever encounter. The two of them are the embodiment of soulmates, in their adventures through life, and their matching personalities. They are the people that you meet who you just know are perfect for each other.

On October 5, 2019, Bill and the groomsman started their day at the Dogfish cottage while Emily and her bridesmaids prepared for the celebration at her parents house on the canal. They separately made their way to St. Peter's, each passing those monuments of Lewes that Emily loves so much. As Emily emerged from the glowing light at the back of the church, Bill's eyes swelled as he saw his bride for the very first time.

The wedding of Emily and Bill was symbolic in every way. It was a symbolic wedding because Emily and Bill had already sealed their future together. It's impossible to imagine either one of them without the other. They are, without question, the perfect couple.

Full Cinematic Film:


Music: "Take My Hand" - Secret Nation

"Love You Well" - Secret Nation

"I'm Yours" - Secret Nation

"Love You Forever" - Iolite

**Licensed by subscription by**

Venue: St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Lewes, Delaware

Lewes Yacht Club

Lewes, Delaware

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