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Emily + Jackson

September 26, 2020

Emily and Jackson tied the knot in the presence of their closest friends and family at Vanderwende Acres in Seaford, Delaware.

A Memorable Moment

Who knew that when Emily and Jackson began planning their wedding that a global pandemic would throw their plans into chaos. But fortunately for them, and as almost a testament to their love, the stars would align for them on September 26th, and they would have the most beautiful, blue-skied September wedding that one could only dream.

It seems like 2020 was that year that every parade got rained on. But on the morning of September 26th, the clouds in the skies parted and allowed the warm glow of the sun to shine on Emily and Jackson's wedding. The sun poured into the bridal suite as Emily prepared for walk down the aisle. As Jackson sat and reflected on the beautiful sentiment of Emily's letter to him, Emily surprised her father with a first look in her wedding gown. And soon, the serene tranquility of the rustic farm filled with excited guests, anxious to share in this most beautiful moment.

Emily and Jackson met at the end of the aisle to exchange vows, but it was clear that the commitment they were formalizing on this day was one they had made to each other long before. And although this was the official blending of their families, the feeling of unity was already well established. And so, under the fading sun and later glowing light, Emily and Jackson celebrated the most joyous moment of 2020, and the most perfect day to be married.

Cinematic Feature Film


Music: "This Love" by Tyler Brown Williams

"Dance" by Tim Halperin

"Fly Away With Me" by Anders Sohn

Venue: Vanderwende Acres

Seaford, DE

Photography: Leah Adkins

DJ/Entertainment: Spin Jocs

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