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Bella + Steve

October 20, 2018

Bella and Steve celebrated their union as husband and wife on a beautiful October day on Dewey Beach in Delaware.

First Look Trailer:

Someone was looking down on Bella and Steve for their wedding day. In the morning, the skies were grey and a light rain covered the area. And for a beachfront ceremony, that's far from ideal weather. But in what could only be described as sheer perfect timing, the grey faded away to clear blue, sunny skies, and the rain was quickly dried up. Some would call it luck, some a coincidence; but for Bella and Steve, October 20th is a day that had a very special meaning, and someone was looking down on them that day, and made it a perfect day for their wedding.

Bella and Steve are that couple whose smiles feed off of each other. And while they both may be many things, what they truly are, are themselves. Their beachfront ceremony was a testament to this, as they were at the place they love, surrounded by the people they love. They both choked back tears as they exchanged their vows to one another, before finally being declared married. And, as the sunlight faded from the day, the wedding party made their way to Bear Trap Dunes Country Club for a night filled with cheers, laughter, and happily ever after.

Cinematic Feature Film:


Ceremony Venue: Dewey Beach, DE

Reception Venue: Bear Trap Dunes Country Club

Photographer: Jim Stehl Photography

DJ: DJ Smoky

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