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Laura & Tyler

September 23, 2018

Laura and Tyler tied the knot at Lighthouse Sound in front of their closest friends and family.

First Look Trailer:

Laura and Tyler proved that rain could not dampen their joy nor wash the smiles off their face. The forecast on that late September day was giving everyone the impression that it was going to clear off. But as is life, the unexpected happened: it began to pour just minutes before the ceremony. But fortunately, the rain was no match for the perseverance of Laura and Tyler.

The Ocean City wedding was a destination for Laura and Tyler as the military had taken this east coast couple to San Diego. Laura, the beautiful bride, was all smiles on her wedding day. Even as her father escorted her from the dry comfort of the clubhouse to the pouring rain, her face screamed with joy and excitement as she was making her way to the alter. Tyler, standing stoically in the elements, couldn't contain his overwhelming excitement as his future bride made her way toward him.

Despite the weather, Laura and Tyler celebrated their marriage with the charisma and excitement that could only be described as once-in-a-lifetime. As they laughed, danced, and partied the night away, they never went too long without sneaking glances at each other, reminded each other that this day was the happiest day of their lives.

Cinematic Feature Film:


Prep Venue: Commander Hotel, Ocean City, MD

Ceremony Venue: Lighthouse Sound, Ocean View, DE

Photographer: Sarah Brookhart Photography

Music licensed through Musicbed

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