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Samantha + Taylor

August 4, 2018

Samantha and Taylor make their commitment to each other in the presence of family and friends at Baywood Greens.

First Look Trailer:

Rarely do you meet high school sweethearts that actually go on to become married. But for Samantha and Taylor, they bring clarity to the cliche. As Samantha recalls in her vows to Taylor, when they first started dating, she still relied on her parents for a ride. And as her and Taylor grew and matured, so too did their love for each other. And despite her father's humorous reservations, Samantha and Taylor become more than high school sweethearts: they became a married couple.

Taylor waited anxiously at the alter for Samantha to make her way to him. As they locked eyes for the first time on their wedding day, the emotion of the moment became brighter than the summer sun. Samantha and Taylor exchanged personal vows that embodied their unwavering love for each other, filling the eyes of their guests with bountiful tears. After sealing their commitment to each other, Samantha and Taylor partied away the night with laughter, dancing, and overwhelming joy.

Cinematic Feature Film:


Venue: Baywood Greens, Longneck, DE

Music licensed through SoundStripe

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